lundi 1 décembre 2008

My first award

Thank you Laurie, this is my first award received, it is so nice to know you consider me a treasured friend! Go and visit her blog she has a lot to offer which are beautiful:

To fallow the rule, now I am suppose to pass along 5 peoples.

1. Will be to Hélène, my friend who set up a blog with a lot of link for digiscrap, it's a must.

2. To Grace, from my digiclass, without her I wouldn't have a blog for digiscrap.

3. To Jonda who help me to set up my blog, visit her she has a wonderful "loop striped sheer bows" as a freebie

4. To Joani who help to set up my blog, she has a nice tutorial, on how to install background on your web site.

5. Finally my admiration go to Tomtwig who at 74 years old set up a new blog, congratulation, she has some Xmas goodies to offer.

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